With our attention to styling and details, we capture the latest trends straight off the runway. We design for our customers and design to suit all their needs, from core essential tables to high novelty, one-of-a-kind, collection pieces. We cut waste by using 3D garment simulation that makes our prototype true to size and results in greater efficiencies during the sampling process.

Global Sourcing

We have a strong network of more than 25 suppliers.

We at Reunited Clothing most value experience, professionalism, and integrity. This pertains to our entire sourcing world in Asia and within all aspects of our operations. We have a professional and established network of suppliers that we work with in various countries such as China, Vietnam, Cambodia and Indonesia

Overseas Offices

We work 24/7 to meet customer specific requirements and offer round the clock service for our customer needs.

Our offices in Shanghai consist of product development, and production and quality control teams that specialize in products. Working in conjunction with suppliers, our teams in Shanghai supports our New York office in order to keep our speed to business model.

In-House CAD Designers

We have in-house computer-aided (“CAD”) designers to streamline our process.

Due to our integrated operations, we are able to develop exclusive prints for full collections or one-off pieces and bring a one-stop shop to our customers serving all of their needs. We always use the latest techniques and styles relevant to the season.