Reunited’s design team consists of category experts in sweaters, cut & sew knits and wovens. From concept to creation the designers draw inspiration from runway and street style and are able to interpret key trends at the price point of the retailer they are targeting. With new development and new techniques coming in every month the design team is able to offer up innovation and freshness to the accounts that we service.


Using the latest graphic technology our CAD team consists of highly skilled artists who are proficient in photoshop, illustrator, NED graphics fashion studio. Our designers are known for creating their own original artwork and converting them into use for commercial manufacturing.

Vertical Sourcing

With a factory matrix of over 25 active factories each with its own niche and product specialty, our development teams at Reunited have infinite resources at their fingertips for speed models, competitive pricing and leveraging of raw materials. With a support team in Shanghai, Reunited is able to work in real time around the clock with communication 24/7 and sourcing 24/7.

Technical Design Team

The Technical Design team at reunited consists of experts in all different product categories and body types. Many of our designers are self certified by major retailers in both Missy, Plus size, Juniors, contemporary.


As an initiative to help improve our speed to market platform at Reunited Clothing we have invested and trained our design teams in CLO 3D.

CLO 3D is 3D design software to help eliminate the time and carbon footprint of sample making. By seeing it in 3D our designers can go from “runway to reality” at impressive turnaround time.